ZPA Pečky a.s.
Tř. 5. května 166
289 11 Pečky
Tel.: +420 321 785 141
Fax: +420 321 785 166

The modern premises are located near the D11 Prague - Hradec Králové motorway. The area of the premises is 170,835 m2, the manufacturing area is 47,773 m2.

The ZPA Company has been in private ownership since 1992. The long-lasting tradition in engineering and electrical engineering, however, goes back to 1894. The original manufacturing program concentrated on production of agricultural machines. For many decades, the ZPA Company has represented a traditional Czech manufacturer of electric actuators and actuators complete with gears and valves. The company occupies an important position in Central Europe, East Europe and several countries of Central Asia.
Actuators from the ZPA Corporation are produced under the trademark MODACT. The equipment is used for controlling various types of valves such as gate-valves, valves, butterfly valves or ball valves even in environment with combustible gases and vapours.
A large number of versions enables broad potentialities of applications of actuators in control circuits of technological processes, e.g. valve control. The ZPA products work in power plants, sugar refineries, water works, waste water plants, heating plants and other facilities.
The manufacturing program includes single or multiple-turn actuators for direct installation on the valve as well as lever, rod and special actuators. The MOA and MOA OC actuators, which operate under extreme conditions in nuclear power plants and hermetic zones, are a speciality.
The modular concept of MODACT actuators, which enable installation of our own gear-boxes, facilitates and unifies a series of various elements in diverse types of actuators, thus ensuring long life, high reliability and broad sphere of application. This is also contributed by several unique designs that have emerged thanks to our own design and development platform, for example a planet gear enabling manual operation, locking of torque switches, low hysteresis and non-linearity of position transmitters, high precision setting of positional and torque switches, etc. Remote control of actuators presents another benefit. A safe operation of actuators is provided by electrical protection IP 55, IP 65 and IP 67.
In 2009, production of blowers, which had been produced by the LUTOS Company, was transferred to Pečky in collaboration with the affiliated company ZPA Engineering. A series manufacture of vertical and horizontal Roots blowers with outputs from 40 to 120,000 m3/h began after building of a modern plant. The plant operates under a KANBAN system.
At present, the company produces several sizes of blowers in special designs that can be used in nuclear engineering. The components are made from special stainless materials.
Most of the components are produced by Division I, other components are made in the affiliated company Lubenecké strojírny. All metal sheet structures are made by Division II, which also provides finishing processes.
Domestic: ČEZ, ALSTOM, JMA, MSA, ARAKO, TRANSGAS, MOSTRO, MODŘANY POWER, ŠKODA JS, KP RIA, ARMATURY Group, I.B.C., Moravia Systems, INEKON Power, LDM, MPOWER Engineering, ZPA Moravia, ZVVZ, Armaturka Krnov, AVK Vodka, I&C Energo, VPE, Trival
Foreign: Russia - Atomenergomash, Alexin, Čechovskij zavod, Penza, AESK, PromTechArma, Komplexnab; Holand – Delan; Finland – Vexve; Poland – Arnap; Bulgaria – Bularmex; Ukraine – Komimpex
Realized projects:
thermal power plants – Hodonín, Komořany, Poříčí, Tisová, Mělník, Tušimice, Ledvice, Prunéřov, Počerady, Dětmarovice, Chvaletice
nuclear power plants – Dukovany, Temelín; breweries – Budvar, Prazdroj, Vratislavice, Svijany
Slovakia – thermal power plants – Nováky, Vojany; nuclear power plants – Mochovce, Jaslovské Bohunice; Russia – thermal power plants – Petropavlovsk, Iževske, Kirovkij, Novočeboksarsk, Perm, Vladimira, Novogorkovská, Novobogoslovská, Nižneturinská, Novobereznikovská, TEC Sankt-Petersburk; nuclear power plants – Smolenskaya, Kurskaya, Kalinskaya, Kolskaya, Novovoroněžskaya; thermal and nuclear power plants: Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, India, Iran, China, Cuba, Morocco, Pakistan, Turkey, Rumania, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany.
The company‘s own sales organizations:
ZPA Moravia, Dolní Benešov; ZPA Warsaw - Poland; ZPA Pečky - Slovakia, Bratislava - Slovakia.
The company holds its own certified system of quality control according to EN ISO 9001 issued in 1995 by TÜV Nord Cert GmbH. A certificate issued by the Electronic Testing Institute in Prague for actuators MODACT MONED and a certificate FTZÚ 08 ATEX 0315X concerning the MOED EEx actuators issued by the Physical-Technical Testing Institute Ostrava-Radvanice.
The company complies to requirements of the decree SÚJB No. 132/2008 Coll.; the audit was performed on a selected sample of a project for the ČEZ Company. Some of the products conform to certification according to GOST and ASME.


Single-turn actuators - used for controlling valves with an operational range of 0-360° such as ball valves, butterfly valves or three-way ball valves - control torque 16 – 1,000 Nm
Multiple-turn actuators - used for controlling valves with multiple-turn movement, e.g. gate-valves, slide-gates and valves - control torque 16 – 50,000 Nm
Lever actuators - used for controlling valves with an operation range of 0-120°, e.g. louvered flaps, butterfly valves controlled by a rod, valves in a shut-off and control mode - control torque 16 – 4,000 Nm
Rod actuators - used for controlling valves with rod movement, e.g. butterfly and control valves - shut-off force 5,000 – 63,000
Special actuators - used for controlling valves in the I and II zones of nuclear power plants, e.g. ball valves, butterfly valves, gate-valves and valves - control torque 16 – 4,000 Nm

Motor gearboxes:

The quarter-turn worm-gear units are used in combination with MODACT actuators for controlling valves where high torque moment is required; alternatively, they are produced with manual control. The ZPM 12, 14, 16 and 20 series provides torque up to 7,800 Nm.

Non-rotational milling:

The company possesses modern vertical and horizontal milling centres in three-axis, four-axis and five-axis design with DuoBlock system of workpiece replacement, such as DMC 60H, DMC 64V, DMC 65H, DMC 80U, DMC 100U, DMC 103 and 104V, DMC 125U and DMC 200U. The milling centres are used for effective milling of components in small, medium and large-series production of box-type and flange-type pieces and fully automatic complex machining of large workpieces up to the diameter of 1,950 mm and weight up to 3,500 kg. For milling stainless steel components in blowers, the company possesses new modern horizontal milling centres ACE HP 5100, HP 5500 and VC 500 made by the DOOSAN company.
The machined materials include castings from grey cast and spherulitic iron, steel, cast steel, aluminium and premium stainless steels.

Production and installation of Roots blowers

Machining of rotational pieces:

The turning centres can lathe rotational pieces from bars up to the diameter of 90 mm, blanks and flanges up to the diameter of 455 mm and length 450 mm. The company possesses milling centres CTX 210, 310, 400 and 500, an automatic lathe TRAUB 65, lathes SPT 16 and 32, NEF and semi-automatic turning machines SPRY 40.
For milling larger elements of a flange-type character, the company possesses vertical lathes PUMA V 400M and V 550M with driven tools. The maximum swing diameter is 800 mm, the length of lathing in the chuck is 750 mm. A speciality is a large scale manufacture of pieces from a diameter of 5 mm to 32 mm with a maximum length of 240 mm on a twin-spindle semi-automatic lathe DECO 2000.

Special equipment:

The company is equipped with a special milling centre GMX 250 used for mass production of shafts with gearing of a maximum diameter 300 mm and length 1,250 mm.
A new CNC turning machine PUMA MX 2600ST with a top tilting head equipped with tool replacement and a Y-axis is available for milling the largest shafts and rotors for blowers. The operational range of this turning machine enables lathing rotational pieces with a length between the points 1,500 mm and a maximum swing diameter over the support 700 mm.

Gearing production:

A specialized plant is equipped with machines for production of internal and external gearing, worms and pinions. It can also roll threads from M8 to M30 and worms. There are ZFWVG 250 machines for milling and shaping OFA and OHA gearing.
The company produces helical and bevel gearing in modules from 0.3 do 8 mm.

External grinding of rotational pieces:

The company possesses BUH 16, BUA 25 and BUB 35 grinders, which can grind shafts and cylinders with a swing diameter up to 315 mm; the distance between the points is up to 630 mm. There are also MIKROMAT 3 G machines for grinding threads. The threads range from M6 to M60,the worms from 1 to 8 mm; the maximum length of the piece is 500 mm.

Metal sheet processing:

The company possesses complex metal sheet processing CNC machines.
The material is cut by laser on LASER TRUMPF L 3030 machines, which can process sheets 3x1.5m with the following thicknesses: steel 20 mm, stainless steel 12 mm and aluminium 8 mm, or by a PTV high-pressure water jet. This new machine with a tilting cutting head and a work range of 2,000x3,000 mm can cut various materials such as steel, titanium, copper, granite, glass, but also styropor or foam rubber up to 500 mm thick. This working site possesses punch presses TRUMATIC TC 500R. The maximum sheet diameter is 2.5x1.5 m. This machine can process sheets from steel up to 12 mm thick, stainless steel up to 3 mm thick and aluminium up to 5 mm thick. Bending is performed on TRUMF V 85S and TRUMABEND 130 machines. The maximum bending length is 3,000 mm, thickness 6 mm, or up to 5 mm in case of stainless steel.

Surface treatment, heat treatment:

  • The company possesses the latest technology for powder spraying for large-scale series and a subsequent oven. The equipment if fully automatic
  • Actuators and other products are sprayed in a manual spray booth, which allows application of not only water dilutable paints
  • A very modern DISA blast machine is used for producing high quality surfaces in products that are subsequently sprayed.
  • he hardening room provides hardening of pieces up to the weight of 10 kg, nitration and heat treatment. This site performs pressure tests of housings and covers used for actuators assembly which are working in a combustive environment.

Measurement centre:

To ensure quality inspection necessary in nuclear engineering, the company possesses a modern measurement centre, which is equipped with automatic triple-coordinate machines ZEISS Contrura and METRIS LKV 15.10.8 and LK G-9OC. This site can check pieces up to 1,500x1,000x800 mm in size.

Own transport system